Tis The Season

This is the time of year we are treated by the local rag to the tear jerk stories of
the “single moms” and their many children in need. Where are the
sperm donors?

I for one feel very bad for the children who have had the misfortune of being the result of two morons copulating.

I have often wondered where are the sperm donors who obviously give nothing to the support of their children. Do these women not know who these fathers are?

I also have sympathy for those unfortunate individuals who are hounded by the state for child support. Why does the State not hound these despicable individuals who fathered (sperm donors) these children?

If these women fail to divulge the names of the fathers (sperm donors) why are we obligated to support them? In case you don’t know what it is called; it is called welfare. If you are one of the unfortunate fathers who try your best to come up with the required child support you know full well of what we speak. You are as they say a “sitting
duck.” You are hounded even if you do you best to pay your child support even
try to make a deal and pay what you can. Woe unto you who do work and try to
meet your obligations; you will find that even though you pay what you can; if
you work half of your wages are confiscated by the state.

Dubuque has become a mecca for these “abused” women.

Is this a good thing?

We think not.


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2 Responses to Tis The Season

  1. RockHaulerLarry says:

    I’m all for helping out people in need, and now that I am financially secure (as one can hope to be). I have been looking at ways to help others. But every time I read one of these articles, I can only wonder WHERE are the “sperm donors”? And why aren’t they being tracked down to live up to their responsibilities? Before some people in this country expect help, they NEED to do their part. By finding, hounding, and demanding that the person/or persons they made these children with, live up to the expectations of being a parent.

  2. The Dubuque Town Crier says:

    Homeless Lady with 15 Kids: ‘Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children’


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