The Rural Council, Agenda 21: The Collectivist Impulse to Plan Other People’s Lives

I’ve criticized centralization of power in Washington, and I’ve condemned efforts for global “economic governance.”

The simple message is that bureaucrats shouldn’t try to control our lives, regardless of whether those pencil-pushers reside in Washington or the United Nations.

The specific topic is a boondoggle project know as the White House Rural Council, but we also discuss a troubling U.N. scheme called Agenda 21.

Both are similar in that they are based on the idea that far-away bureaucracies (like this one) should have power over local communities. . . . . . David J. Mitchell



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3 Responses to The Rural Council, Agenda 21: The Collectivist Impulse to Plan Other People’s Lives

  1. The Dubuque Town Crier says:

    Judging by the comments this morning at the TH more and more are waking up to the misuse and abuse of power by the pompous ass and his partner or as one writer refers to them as the “two idiots.”

    Sustainablity is nothing more than a con game designed to control the lives of the residents; herein lies the abuse of power.

    The pompous ass and his accomplices MUST be defeated.

    Where is the TEA Party?

  2. The Dubuque Town Crier says:

    And now a few empty words from the council’s apologist:

    “BeFair posted at 12:48 pm on Fri, Feb 10, 2012. Seems to me there are a lot of people, businesses, organizations investing in sustainability measures in our community…because they care about the future. What a horrible thing to do…”

    Nothing to substantiate these claims; just empty rhetoric.

  3. The Dubuque Town Crier says:

    She is now attacking Resnick for being off the reservation.

    BeFair posted at 10:59 pm on Fri, Feb 10, 2012. “I believe citizens have been leading the sustainability effort that council leadership identified as a top priority … In fact the one grandstanding for your attention was a vote in that priority … But that ‘s politics I guess. Regardless I would not prefer to live anywhere else and value our leadership, evn with my taxes going up by the cost of five pizzas a year…”

    Such arrogance! The cost of a few pizzas! Tell that to the future generations who are obligated to clean up the mess these sustainable idiots leave behind along with their accumulated debt!

    In reality the council has no right to impose their personal beliefs or agendas on the people. If you put this issue to a vote of the people it would be defeated which is what must happen to the bobble heads sooner rather than later.

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