Something to Think About

If Dubuque has $460 million in assets and the regime has borrowed 70% of that amount; that means we have a debt of $322 million!

Now who the f@#$ authorized these clowns to borrow this money and what is it used for?

Dubuque is not sustainable under this regime but since stupid people vote it will take some time to correct this robbing of the public till for private investments.

The RICH are getting RICHER on the backs of the POOR!

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  1. The Dubuque Town Crier says:

    Can you say delusional!

    BeFair posted at 5:14 pm on Mon, Feb 6, 2012.

    I think we have to give the new programs time to work for all, I believe the water program was a piloted to a certain number of households. So the savings when in place across the board should be realized by both the homeowner and city services. I also think that if the report showed the actual average dollars/cents associated with the reported percentages, it wouldn’t sound so ominous…but that wouldn’t sell newspapers or get citizens riled up as much. In the end, when we listen to the comparisons to costs of living in the other nine largest cities in our state, or even in other states, and the fact that as stated in the article, the investments are not short term, but rather for the long term, (some having been postponed until they couldn’t be any longer…water plant) we have a city that will be able to survive, come what may.

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