The real BIG TENT Party

While discussing the criminal rap sheet of Hillary Clinton (the most corrupt criminal ideolog to ever set foot in DC – and therefore liberal icon and darling of the democrat party) An “independent” who claimed no party affiliation (meaning they are a liberal democrat who doesn’t want to admit it – so they can pretend that they are “objective” and vote issues not ideology) asked me: “So what do Conservatives have to offer?”

Well guess what, Socrates:

> We have an African American Brain Surgeon
> An African American Army Colonel and war hero
> An ophthalmologist surgeon who went around the world giving free surgeries to people in poor countries
> We have two Hispanic Americans from working class families who educated themselves and built successful private sector professional practices.
> We have a self educated governor from a blue collar family who won 3 elections in 2 years by landslide victories who brought his state back from bankruptcy and reduced unemployment from 7% to 3%, and brought a multi-billion dollar deficit to a surplus without raising taxes

(And we have two village idiots: Jeb Bush and Chris Christie to practice our aim throwing vegetables.)

Relative to who is in the White House right now – the GOP is holding a Royal Flush, and the democrats are holding three of a kind: Old, white communist, Wall Street aristocrats (The 10, Jack and Queen of diamonds) who have never worked for an hourly wage or signed a paycheck in their lives.

If ever there was an election for the “independents” to grow a brain and actually look OBJECTIVELY at who is most QUALIFIED and has the most INTEGRITY and successful TRACK RECORD to sit in the White House – THIS would be the time.

Because if you really truly ARE objective and independent as you say you are, there is absolutely no QUESTION which side of the ticket holds solutions to our nation’s challenges. (And which side of the ticket just wants to double down on stupid and keep ripping us apart for their own personal profit and power)

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Lisa Marie Schroeder speaks about her common-law husband, David Auld

 Lisa M. SchroederThe reason I never married david auld is because of his infantile attitude. david never bothered to grow up and deal with life.

 david was to immature to handle life’s issues and I thank God we never procreated I mean after all what kind of an imbecile could david have whelped?

 I guess when God passed out brains david thought he said trains and david said he’d take the next one which turned out to be a retarded retread brain.

muffle stupiddavid is a low information voter and has been stuck on stupid his entire life; and we all know you can’t fix stupid, not even with duct tape.

david suffers from chronic infantile paralysis of the brain.

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obama the racist-in-chief

Thanks to racist obama and his racist filled regime we now have two additional dead police officers, murdered by racists egged on by obama

That’s three murdered police officers in less than a week.

When will the asshole republicans stop confirming obama’s racist nominees and clamp down on his racist anti-American agenda?

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This bitch belongs in a cage


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